We always follow the responsible for each process、Be responsible for each product、For each user is responsible for the quality policy,Wholeheartedly for the customer service
Focus on quality

  • Gen auspicious company of mechanical products all adopt high quality raw materials to build and become,Quality is guaranteed
  • Spot supply all equipment,Logistics freight shipment direct more quickly
  • The professional technicians follow-up,Installation and debugging for the customer to solve problems
  • Professional and technical personnel will be patient and thoughtful attention operation training products to customers
  • Welcome to pay attention to us 365Days24Hours after sales service,Provide on-site installation guide

Case center

Why did you choose us?Professional quality,Dream achievement security

Power protectionStrength guarantee
Brought together a large number of innovation、On behalf of the service team of the technical level of the industry,With many years professional knowledge,On a large amount of waste material handling equipment,Can provide professional technical support、A reliable supply of spare parts and reliable after-sales service
Product guarantee product guarantee
Companies always adhere to the“People-oriented”The enterprise concept, Automatic production line to control the process,High yield of products,Running stability,With strict production standards as a qualified security products
Technical supporttechnical support
With many years of waste material handling equipment technology experience,Adopt strict production standards,Professional manufacturer of scrap material processing,Customize different kinds of production line for you,Product quality is better than that of the same industry,The technical level is better than the same industry
Service guaranteeservice guarantee
Provide professional technical support、Reliable spare parts supply and perfect after-sales service one-stop perfect service,People's technical team,Provide considerate for you、Quick after-sale service
365Days24Hours after sales service,Provide on-site installation guide

Gen auspicious machinery--Cooperation process

  • Communication is certain
  • Analysis of demand
  • Determine the solution
  • Production drawings
  • Project bid
  • Project estimates
  • The signing of the contract
  • The down payment
  • Production and processing
  • The factory inspection
  • Logistics distribution
  • Installation and debugging
  • Hotline:
    150 9308 8896
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