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    • The product name:Intelligent separation circuit breaker controller

    • The product name:Fees charged watt-hour meter external circuit breakers(With automatic reclosing)4P

    • The product name:FDM2EIntelligent limit load circuit breaker(Current limit switch)

    • The product name:Intelligent leakage protection circuit breakersFDDZ20LE(ZD)(With the function of automatic reclosing)

    • The product name:DZ47LELightning protection leakage circuit breaker

    • The product name:Three-phase power supply lightning protection box

    • The product name:FD65LEResidual current circuit breaker(Lightning protection type)

  •     Guangdong electric appliances co., LTD. Is a collection research and development、Production、The sale in a body comprehensive enterprise,The main products are intelligent high and low voltage electrical components(Circuit breakers)、Intelligent dividing line switch controller、Lightning protection products、High and low voltage power distribution cabinets, etc。Companies continue to develop advanced products for intelligent power distribution system and the smart grid,The existing intelligent series products,Integration of the company's latest patented technology and the most advanced technology at home and abroad,Using intelligent control chip and simple user interface,Not only can meet the needs in various fields distribution,Can also be used to form a intelligent power grid,For the implementation of intelligent power grid to provide stable and reliable products。

        The main products:Intelligent dividing line switch controller(Intelligent separation circuit breaker controller)IntelligentUniversal type circuit breakerDepartment、Limiting circuit breaker、Earth leakage circuit breaker、Intelligent dual power automatic switch device、Lightning surge protector、Lightning protection box、10KVZinc oxide lightning arrester、High and low voltage complete sets of equipment(Electric cabinet)、Electronic watt-hour meter and all kinds of high and low voltage electrical components, etc。 Lightning protection switch

        The electric company was founded2002Years,Covering an area of about5000m²,To go throughGB/T19001-2008 / ISO9001:2008Quality management system certification。Has a senior electrical technology research and development team,Perfect testing equipment and advanced production assembly line,With professional technical sales team,In the pre-sale technical support can provide customers with multiple perspectives,In the after-sale services can provide a powerful guarantee。