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Company profile

    Guan wanda bearing factoryIs the production of non-standard bearings professional manufacturers,Can provide customers with a variety of models、Large quantities of various non-standard bearings,Can be tailor-made for clients various types of non-standard bearings、Miniature bearing、Agricultural machinery bearings and related accessories。
Companies specializing in the production of deep groove ball non-standard bearings、The micro non-standard bearings、Non-standard plane thrust ball bearing、Non-standard roller bearing、Arrange ushering bearings、Square hole bearing、Plastic coated bearings、Hexagon bearings、Stamping bearings、Crescent bearings、Non-standard bearing ring、Miniature bearing、Agricultural machinery bearings、Auto bearing、Shaft sleeve、Farm machinery accessories and so on,Products are widely applied to the motor、Machinery、Equipment、The vehicle、Mechanical and electrical tools、Home appliance、Instruments and meters、Fitness equipment、Leisure sports equipment factory;All kinds of mechanical equipment、Civil machinery users;Can trade distribution unit at home and abroad to provide excellent pre-sale、Sales and after-sales service。

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Deep groove ball bearing crack damage countermeasures and solutions

Non-standard bearing fracture characteristics and forming conditions:Often occurred in parts,Raw materials,Carbon belt and segregation is serious or not included in the longitudinal extension,From the surface to the inner crack,The crack depth,Long hardenability。Solutions and preventive measures:Eliminate carbon belt and groups

Several reasons of new non-standard bearing heating

The first、May be due to overload or overload,May be now problems such as the cooling fan,There may be due to mechanical friction heat,But the main problem is the bearing can be authentic,Some users in order to lower prices and with low bearing,To produce shaft

The causes and the measures of non-standard bearing damage

Non-standard bearing cannot be directly observed in the operation,But by the noise、Vibration、The temperature、Lubricants, etc can be learned about bearing abnormal condition。The representative of the bearing damage cases;1、Crack defects crack in part of the gap。Its reasons:The impact of the host load is too large,The Lord

Auto bearing on grinding constitute the drawback of the helix

Auto bearing on grinding constitute the drawback of the helix:Auto bearing in the process of grinding;The homework appearance is a grinding wheel for grinding at high speed;When grinding accordingly if no operation and adjust the equipment according to work instructions;Will present many faults in auto bearing homework appearance;Which affect the quality of auto bearing all the.When the car bearing in fine grinding;Because the rough demand is very high;Homework is grinding traces are often observed with the naked eye primary grinding traces the following its appearance.Traces reflect present with spiral rendering traces the first because the cause of grinding wheel bus flat laymen;There is concave and convex surface;In grinding

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Non-standard bearings how to operate to avoid non-standard bearing corrosion

Non-standard bearings how to operate to avoid non-standard bearing corrosion:Check the governor oil pressure,If the low oil pressure can lead to cooling water hydraulic valve closed。CheckNSKIf there is a different sound bearing,And detection of cylindrical roller bearings degrees whether there are abnormal。Take oil sample observation of color changes,And chemical test to see if metamorphism。If confirm the degradation,New oil should be replaced downtime。Check the oil standard oil level is normal,If abnormal,Check that the sump oil discharge valve is shut。If the matter,Should fill oil,If it is sealed rubber gasket of oil leakage,Should stop processing。http://www.kaotibaodian.cn

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Installation and service life of bearing

The service life of the bearing installation and non-standard bearing network in China【Wanda professional non-standard bearings】Bearing belongs to precision parts,So when use requires a fairly cautious attitude,Even if is the use of high performance bearing,If improper use,Also can not achieve the desired performance effect,And easy to make the bearing damage。So,Using the bearing should be paid attention to the following matters:A、Keep the bearing and the surrounding environment clean dust into the bearing even invisible to the naked eye smile,Also will increase the wear of the bearing,Vibration and noise。2、Use when installation should careful not allowed powerful punch,Not allowed to use hammer percussion bearing directly,Don't allow through the transfer roller pressure。3

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Technical knowledgeindustry

The steel tempering of knowledge2016-6-5

The steel tempering of knowledge,Collect you make wanda bearings technology wanda professional non-standard bearings,Can design for non-standard making all kinds of deep groove ball bearings。1.The definition and purpose of tempering steel under quenching condition has the following three main features。(1

Not commonly used bearing type and size2016-6-5

Specializing in the production of various types of non-standard deep groove ball bearings,Urlwww.kaotibaodian.cn.,Agricultural machinery non-standard deep groove ball bearings,Inner diameter heightening deep groove ball non-standard bearings,Deep groove ball chain of non-standard bearings,Forklift deep groove

Twelve big hidden costs in the factory,All are killing me!2016-5-30

Twelve big hidden costs in the factory,All are killing me!Wanda professional non-standard bearingswww.kaotibaodian.cnCompetitiveness,Especially in the development of small and medium-sized factories and enterprises,They always meet in a certain period

Bearing type control of resources2016-5-30

Bearing type control of resources wanda professional non-standard bearingswww.kaotibaodian.cnBearing the basic code constitute the basic code by bearing type code description bearing、Size series code、Internal code。

Understand that,You are bearing half a connoisseur!2016-5-30

Understand that,You are bearing half a connoisseur!Wanda professional non-standard bearingswww.kaotibaodian.cnRolling bearings rolling bearingrollingbearingIn the bearing load and relative to each other

Bearing again good,Bad cooperation also no use!2016-5-30

Bearing again good,Bad cooperation also no use!Wanda professional non-standard bearingswww.kaotibaodian.cnIn the bearing parts of the machinery,In order to prevent the bearing inner ring and shaft、Outer ring with outer ring hole happened when the machine is running

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